CYSC is taking precautions to return to the field for the Fall 2020 season while being mindful We currently have teams from u10 to u14 practicing and playing games in the RBJSL league in accordance with our action plan, the RBJSL rules, EPYSA rules, and CDC guidance.  

See below for our “COVID Safety and Action Plan”.  We will update this page with any new developments or changes to the action plan.  (10/20/20 was the most recent update)

If your child has tested positive for COVID-19, is suspected to be positive for COVID-19 and showing symptoms, or has come in contact with someone who is confirmed to have COVID-19, you must notify the club immediately.   This communication is critical so that we can take appropriate measures to protect your child, the other children in the program, the families associated with the program, and the volunteer coaches and administrators who run the program. 

Contact Eric Gervase @ 717.314.9801 or with any COVID related concerns or to report a child that has been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19.


On top of the requirements/responsibilities that the club maintains for COVID-19 safety, we also must depend on the parents/guardians and coaches to support us by following specific protocol to keep everyone safe.  Below are links to parent/guardian responsibilities and coach responsibilities related to pre-practice checks and on field protocol.  Thank you so much for your partnership on this.  Everyone wants to keep the kids, families, and administrators of the club safe and playing soccer!  Everyone’s help is vital to this process.

external resources

external resources