The Spring 2021 LARS Girls Festival is set to be played on the weekend of June 5th and 6th.  This year’s Festival will be split between venues at Cocalico and Garden Spot to reduce the number of people at each venue as a result of COVID.  Your venue assignment will be a part of scheduling.

This form is to declare how many teams you will be entering into the LARS Girls Festival.  Cocalico will send the billing contact an email with an invoice for the total.  The fee schedule is listed below for the different age groups.  We look forward to holding a safe and enjoyable Festival and we thank you for your participation.  

Fees per team:

U10 – $250*

U12 – $250*

U15 – $275*

* We will be offering an early entry fee for the teams of $25 per team if registered by May 10th (and checks post marked by 5/10). If you don’t make the early registration date, final registration will be due by May 17th. 

After receipt of completed form below, we will email you with the total registration fee for your club.  Checks can be made payable to Cocalico Youth Soccer Club and mailed to the address below.  There will be a separate form for each coach to fill out after teams are declared.

PO Box 173
Denver, PA 17517