Cocalico Volunteer - Field Lining

As a volunteer, YOU add tremendous value to our Club!

Field Painter

Directions for field lining. 

  • Printed field lining directions are provided in the shed by the field painters on the clipboard
  • There is a YouTube video at the bottom of the page for your review for assistance
  • If you need additional assistance, please contact the group via Team Snap
  1. Access the shed located across the road from the High School. (Code will be given by a coordinator or coach)
  2. Directions are located on the clipboard hanging on the wall near the field painters. This has copies of the current field map and the field lining checklist. Please review these items before starting starting to line fields.
  3. Gather a complete box of full paint cans. For 7v7 fields, you will need one can of orange paint for the build out lines (see field landmarks image below)
  4. Review the field map to ensure that you are headed to the proper location. Grab a copy of the field checklist and head on out to your field. 
  5. Shake the paint can for 10-15 seconds each time you replace it in the sprayer (listen for the ball inside).
  6. Load your first can into the paint sprayer (see below) and walk along the field painter tracing the existing lines while squeezing the handle. Please note that each sprayer has a “line-up” arrow on the front where the paint will come from (see image below). 
  7. Review all the lines to ensure that they are easily visible.
  8. Once you’re done all the lines… YOU DID IT!
  9. Give yourself a pat on the back and take a selfie with your accomplishment. 
  10. Post your selfie on the CYSC Facebook page and instagram with the hashtag #cyscvolunteerproud

Place the paint can into the field painter with the tip of the can parallel with the trigger mechanism to produce nice solid lines (see image above). 

Depending on how faded the lines are, you may need to go over them twice to be sure the line is easily visible.

Each field painter has an arrow on the front, which shows you where the paint will be sprayed. Keep this arrow on the existing lines as you walk the field.

Field Landmarks

Short YouTube Video - Basic Functions